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“I just finished going through Scott Hargis’s Lighting For Real Estate Photography video series and I have to say that I’m very impressed with both the production quality and Scott’s direct understandable explanations.  This video series is going to save you a huge amount of time if you learn and follow Scott’s approach to getting the shoot right in the camera rather than depending on hours post processing time after the shoot is over.  Scott and Malia have done an stunning job of distilling an explanation of Scott’s Interior Lighting technique and presenting it in a very understandable form. They also made a great decision to host the video on iPlayerHD.com which means you can watch the video anywhere (even on your smart phone) and have it play smoothly. I watched much of this series on my iPad.  I highly recommend this video series for anyone shooting real estate!”
-Larry Lohrman, www.PhotographyForRealEstate.net


“WOW …. I was impressed with both the quality of the video presentation as well as the information and content. Scott has laid out every aspect that everyone should be familiar with when lighting and shooting interiors, from camera settings to advanced light placement techniques. He missed nothing.   Scott’s casual yet professional style of presentation makes these a joy to watch. He walks you through while  explaining and demonstrating techniques that are shown no where else. You see the actual lighting process from start to finish in stages, from the first frame to each light placement and the finished image.  When I compare these to the typical interior lighting videos one sees on YouTube, there is just no comparison – this is a skillfully produced, comprehensive collection of interior lighting videos that any photographer will appreciate and find useful to have.”
-M. James Northen, Northen Exposure Photography


“I started the Lighting For Real Estate Photography series expecting a light course designed for novice photographers, or more seasoned pros just diving into this specialty from other disciplines. Man, was I wrong! The first few episodes covered the basics that working professionals already know, but with the “Hargis twist” that I have come to appreciate. Adding personal notes and preferences gave even the simple stuff enough of a professional edge to keep my interest. For an experienced real estate photographer, the more advanced segments are full of ideas and useful tips, making the entire series a useful addition to my virtual library.  If you understand your camera, and are considering jumping into any type of interior photography, Scott Hargis’ “Lighting for Real Estate Photography” may be just the crash course you need to get started. If you are already in the field, and looking for ways to improve your technique, NOW is the time to start watching.
-Daniel Milstein, Daniel Milstein Photography


“Scott’s lessons go way beyond the specifics of Real Estate Photography. Hidden within the lessons, is a complete advanced lighting course that can be used in a variety of photographic disciplines. The lessons build a foundation of easy to understand steps to achieve complex yet elegant results. I would recommend this series to anyone that wants to really maximize their creative and technical scope. My only warning is that you will be buying more strobes, but you’ll know what to do with them! How cool is that?”
-Wayne Capili, Interface Visual Photography


“How tricky can it be shooting houses — I mean they don’t move or anything…  Turns out they can be pretty darn tricky!  If you are just starting out shooting Real Estate and you don’t shell out some cash on these books and videos, you are killing yourself!  I wasted a year schlepping around trying to figure out how to do this stuff on my own before seeing the work of Scott and others online that were using multiple flashes around the house.  It’s not easy and it will still take some time, but these videos (and Scott’s ebook) will show you clearly how to improve your photography skills using multiple lights.Progressing through from easy bedrooms to complicated lighting setups in large open spaces, Scott’s videos clearly shows the progress of placing lights and building up the lighting.   Every step is explained clearly and there are lots of great tips in there for all levels of photographers.  And the best thing with having these videos online, is you can even access them on a phone while you are at a shoot — it’s like Mr Hargis is right there at the shoot and has got your back!
-Charles Lynch, Open2View


“I bought the book and read it last year (was it last year?). I’ve got an office shoot next Sunday and was going to brush up by reading again your excellent pdf book. Low and behold I received the mail saying you now have the video series out. Bought it, watched it all in one sitting and I have to say what a fantastic job you’ve done.  Truly excellent material and so well put together. Your manner, tone, approach, all the ‘soft skills’ make it very watchable. The info is top notch but I expected nothing less following the book.  Great work, thanks for putting in the effort. Well worth the money.”


“I’ve watched these about 3 times now. Thanks for all the great tips and advice!”
-Kenny Redman, kennyredman.com


“I bought it Friday as soon as I received the e-mail and I must say it was the best money I have spent so far with regards to improving my interior photography. The tips work and the explanations make sense. I watched the entire series on Saturday and implemented many of the tips this morning at my 1st appointment. I finished my photos in the camera just as Scott recommends…with great results. I highly recommend it to anyone who is shooting real estate.”
-James Governali, LI Home Photos


“After staying up until 2am this morning, I must say, these videos are great. I did not have any trouble loading them on wifi and they play beautifully full screen. Well worth the money spent as it is only about the price of one shoot. I have always wanted to go to one of Scott’s workshops but every time he has come out with dates, I already have had weddings booked those days. I have no qualms with streaming only, in fact I like it as I do not have to keep tract of the videos. (I have Scott’s book backed up on 3 different drives so I don’t lose it) Thank you for all the work you guys have put into this.”
-Drew Zinck, Drew Zinck Photography


“I finished watching it this morning and I agree, Scott and Malia ROCKED IT!! I’ve had a copy of Scott’s book for quite sometime but these videos are much easier to ingest and understand. Well done Scott & Malia!”
-Richard Lamb, Ramblin Lamb Photography


“Scott Hargis is as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind it. With just enough humor and more than enough experience in his field, Scott shares his trade secrets, breaking down his techniques step by step. He presents the challenge, offers the solution, and even draws a diagram of how it’s all done. As he moves from room to room, Scott reinforces the principals he shared earlier in the series, building on those lessons as the challenges become more and more difficult. This video series presents a wealth of information to help beginners and experts alike, making it a great learning companion to Scott’s ebook on lighting interiors.  Outstanding!”
-Tyra Pacheco, SouthCoast Images


“I recently purchased and read Scott’s book The Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors, and the methods he teaches in the book have pushed my interior photography to the next level.  Before reading the book, I used to take multiple exposures using a single on camera flash and I spent hours in Photoshop blending, and otherwise trying to salvage images that I should’ve gotten right in the camera to being with.  After watching the video series from front to back, I can tell you that it doesn’t replace the book, but rather it acts as a companion.  There are certainly things that overlap between the two, but I believe owning both the book and the video series is essential to mastering the techniques that Scott teaches.  I personally had several aha moments as I watched the videos – some things that I couldn’t fully grasp from reading the book immediately became clear!  I’m pretty sure that my internet provider is going to see a spike in my bandwidth for the next five years as I continue to digest this gift that Scott has provided to the PFRE community.”
-Barry MacKenzie, Seven Image Group

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