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Episode 1: Start Here
Scott lays out the series agenda, and explains the “philosophy” behind the technique.

Episode 2: Fundamentals
Camera settings, flash theory, and the basic process behind every shot Scott makes. There’s also a quick demonstration of flash technique. This episode lays the foundation for everything else to come!

Episode 3: Use This
Equipment! Scott goes through the basic gear you need to shoot flash interiors. And, a trip to the “Flash Laboratory” for an in-depth look at radio triggers and optical slaves.

Episode 4: Let’s Take a Walk
Join Scott on a pre-shoot walkthrough of a house. We scout the rooms, and plan the shoot so we’re as efficient as possible.

Episode 5: Wake Up
Shooting starts! Scott demonstrates the “basic bedroom” setup in detail.

Episode 6: Look Out!
Windows….nothing but windows. Learn the technique behind exposing for great window views, AND lighting the interior, in one shot.

Episode 7: Living Large
Scott’s favorite episode. We shoot two very different living rooms, with very different techniques. We look at how to take a shot from “Ok” to “awesome”.

Episode 8: Dinner Party
Dining rooms. One easy, and one hard (really hard). Having trouble with chandeliers or ceiling fans? This is your episode!

Episode 9: Let’s Flush This Out
Yeah, we had to do it. Bathrooms — Scott shows three different ones, including the big modern “master” bath. Scott pulls a cool trick out of the bottom of the lighting bag!

Episode 10: Eat at Joe’s
Scott’s other favorite episode. Two kitchens: one little and plain, one big and shiny. We make a total of five shots, each one better than the last.

Episode 11: Here and Here and Here and Here
This episode takes place entirely within one old house. Lots of small connected rooms, each one needing it’s own lighting technique.

Episode 12: Wide Open Spaces
Open floor plans! Scott shoots two open spaces, starting with a small one, and then on to a big urban loft conversion. We look at strategies for handling a large space, from composition to lighting. Scott also shows how a big space gives you the freedom to be extra-creative with the light.

Episode 13: Into the Night
We make a quick trip to Spain to shoot a twilight exterior. Mother nature handles the lighting for this one, but Scott walks us through the technique and equipment for shooting a beautiful twilight shot.

Episode 14: Fin
End of the road. A few words from Scott on what to do, and where to go, next.

Insolita: adjective. Latin — unusual, extraordinary, remarkable, curious
    Reflective Surfaces: A quick primer on ticks for avoiding and “cheating” reflections
    Mirrors: How to become a vampire and not show up in mirrors!
    Gels: A short discussion of gels – what they do, which ones to have, and when to use ’em
    Massaging Exposures: Scott shows how manipulating the shutter speed and aperture can allow you to adjust the flash/ambient ratio on a ‘finished’ shot – and achieve a smoother, more natural look.  Goodbye, “flashy” photos!
    Perspectives: Scott shows how the camera’s perspective on the room drives the lighting decisions.
    Stainless Steel: Reflections in stainless steel.  Ugh.
    Colored Walls: How to bounce a light off a colored wall, and still have accurate white balance.

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