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**UPDATE 4/25/15**
Our registration link is currently undergoing maintenance. If you’d like to register for the series please do the following:

1) Send an email containing your email address, preferred user name and preferred password to info@lightingforrealestatephotography.com.

2) Log into PayPal and send the registration fee ($175) to malia@maliacampbellphotography.com.
Within 24 hours of confirmed payment you’ll be granted access to the videos.

Please direct any questions or concerns to info@lightingforrealestatephotography.com.




Lighting For Real Estate Photography is a 28-part video series devoted to lighting techniques using small flashes. Interiors photographer Scott Hargis shows you, in detail, the techniques he uses to produce real estate photographs that require little or no post-processing.

Spanning almost three hours in total length, the videos cover every aspect of field work, from the fundamentals of flash photography, to equipment, workflow, and specific lighting techniques for every major room type. With episodes centered on topics such as window exposures, reflection issues, kitchens, bathrooms, etc., Scott takes you through everything you need to know to light your way through nearly any real estate photo.  Click HERE to see the Table of Contents.

The episodes are shot “on location”, in 14 different residences, and are ‘real-life’ shoots done by Scott for real-life clients. Every step of the process is covered, including problem-solving and mistakes.

Learn how to “finish” your photos in the camera, not in Photoshop. For less than the cost of a single real estate shoot, you can have unlimited access to all 28 videos – on your computer, and on your mobile device!

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