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Where can I see what I’m getting before I purchase?

We’ve listed a Table of Contents HERE.

My [husband/wife/father/mother/friend/other person] paid for the videos.  Why can’t I see them?

The videos are accessible immediately and automatically upon submitting payment via PayPal.  You will need to use the same email address to register on the site that you use for payment.  If someone else is paying for the subscription you will need to contact info@lightingforrealestatephotography.com to give us a heads up and please expect 5-10 business days before videos are accessible.

I sent a payment but I can’t see the videos.  What’s up?

Either you use a different email address for payment (you’ll need to contact us, see above) or PayPal has placed a hold on your funds.  Common reasons for holds are echecks (usually held for about a week) or you’re an unverified PayPal user (usually held for about 48 hours).  If you have questions about why your payment is being held please contact PayPal.  We have never and will never put holds on payments on our end.  As soon as PayPal releases the hold you will have immediate and automatic access.

Why aren’t these available as DVDs?

DVDs are 20-Century.  To keep the price low, we opted to eliminate physical production costs.  Additionally, the strong overseas interest in the videos made a streaming solution the obvious choice.

Can I download the videos to my computer/mobile device?

The videos are available for streaming only.

Does Scott teach post-production techniques in the videos?

NO! Scott’s techniques are all about “finishing” the photos in the camera, whenever possible. Post-production will always be an important part of the workflow, but it needn’t be the dominant part. Scott typically spends less than one minute in Lightroom on each of his real estate photos.

How did you shoot and edit these videos?

Malia shot on a Canon 5dMii, with a variety of lenses. The videos were edited in Final Cut Pro.

I’m new to photography. Are these videos a good way to get started?

Probably not. The videos are aimed at intermediate to advanced photographers who have *some* experience shooting interiors. If you’re absolutely NEW to photography, you’d be better off to get a few months of experience under your belt before tackling these.

I shoot with an on-camera flash. Does Scott teach how to use this?

No. An on-camera flash can be used to “trigger” remote flashes, but the techniques Scott covers rely exclusively on flashes that are OFF-camera. Check the Strobist.com blog for a good place to get started with off-camera flash.

Do these videos cover HDR or Exposure Blending?

Nope. Those techniques have their place, but Scott teaches how to light through situations rather than relying on time-consuming post-production.

I have a question that isn’t listed here.  What do I do?

Shoot us an email at info@lightingforrealestatephotography.com!

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